Casino owners probably become helpless but pay if their gamblers really turn out as smart as James Bond. However, cheats and tricks are lately getting popular, as the players bring out various tricks, duping the casinos easily.

If the advancing technology is helping the fraudsters, it can also become the best companions of the dealers and owners to pick out the tricking gamblers among their crowd. Here are a few tips for the casinos to help them quickly get a hold of the tricksters.

Going for all e-payments

One of the popular tricks is using magnets and strings in slot machines. The players use the same coins and chips to trick the slot machines with the trigger of being paid. To eliminate this, the casinos can simply shift to all e-payments.

The players can now exchange cash through wire or e-wallets before they begin spinning the reels. Digital payment also fetches while providing the chips as the dealers can avoid the drama of fake notes or unavailable local currency among the travelers.

Electric scanners should be a must everywhere

The players often bring AI devices, simulators and some even take away the casinos’ chips to carry them next time as backup tokens. As suspicious physical checking isn’t worthy in such a posh gaming area, an electric scanner is more than the best option to do the job. The casinos can install smart cameras all around the area.

The chips can also have RFID sensors which the front gate scanners can immediately detect on the players. The scanners should also have an AI surveillance system to record the visitors’ faces in the database, highlighting the past troublesome players. If they repeat the visit, the alarm can notify the operators to keep a keen eye on them.

Switching to video game machines is quite profitable

Video poker or electronic baccarat machines are the quickest attractions to increase marketing with new gamblers while saving from any kind of fraud. As the cards, chips, and money transactions are completely digital, there would be no threat the players can try any sly tricks as in the past. The machines, being self-operated, also reduce the need for croupiers on the table, which reduces the casino employees duping their owners.

Checking for marked cards and devices on the players

Tricky players usually mark the best cards to collect them every time. The more fraudsters also bring their own marked cards, which they later add to the deck to play for their profits. Several calculators and handy simulators are also available in wristwatches and pocket device formats hidden and silently brought in.

The casinos should make sure the players submit their belongings at the safe-deposit and only proceed inside with the chips. They can use hand scanners and security checking scanners, if not the digital cameras all around.

The casinos can now keep a constant check on the players; while promoting their existing area and games with advanced digital technologies. As human operation reduces and automation increases with the latest inputs, these are the best cost-saving initiatives that every land-based casino can easily try.